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tyler.hess.1694Posted - 19 October 2013 3:3  Show Profile
I have already graduated with a B.S in Psychology. I have decided that I would like to go to law school. I found out that I needed to take the LSAT as one of the requirements to get in. I decided just to take it to see how much I need to study in the next month or two. I scored 67% on the LSAT for this site. Is 67% considered a D+, or is it graded like the GRE?
csellers2 Posted - 25 October 2013 12:15  Show Profile
Hi...not really sure how the GRE is tested. The LSAT is scored differently. The highest score is 180 and the lowest score is 120. You are given a score based on the number of correct answers only. Are you slated to take the February LSAT? Have you applied to any law schools?
Vivi... Posted - 25 January 2014 21:54  Show Profile
Anyone could tell what the good percentage of the score on this pratice exam from this site? Above 70% is considered ok or good? Thanks!
toriaenator Posted - 24 October 2014 17:27  Show Profile
i got 86%, but there is no time limit on this test and its much shorter than the actual LSAT

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