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JGuerriero4Posted - 2 October 2013 16:2  Show Profile
I failed my test with a 22. My math was solid scoring a 52 and 50. My word knowledge was unacceptable and scored a 30. My goal is to become and earn the title of a Marine. Please i need any help you can give or offer. I have two brothers serving in the AirForce and both just been deployed.
alvarado0880 Posted - 10 October 2013 13:17  Show Profile
I scored perfectly on the word knowledge part. Idf you need help my email is anissa.alvarado0880@gmail.com<BR>I'm more than welcome to help you out :)
christian.wazoski903 Posted - 10 October 2013 18:41  Show Profile
i need help in world knowledge and basic math my facebook is christian kang i only use facebook
dmartinezusmc Posted - 12 October 2013 22:54  Show Profile
yo j , i did okay on my world knowledge i fucked up my test with math but whats it called man. go on the asvab for dummies book look at the words and try to learn them just like that after you learn a few of the words read the prefexis and suffixes and if it makes it easier doit on flashcards , i did that man and fucking i know so many words now man its stupid crazy. that will boost up your vocab. the more times you go over words over and over again the more it will syncronize in your brain and by the time you take the test again youll be good man. good luck god bless.
JGuerriero4 Posted - 12 October 2013 23:5  Show Profile
Thank You man, i appreciate it, im going to do my best and sacrifice my friday nights whatever it takes to pass this test. I want to make a lot of people proud!!
estradaxx Posted - 21 October 2013 21:16  Show Profile
some words you can tell what they mean by thinking if you ever heard them before. <BR>lol. sorry, just giving out a helpful tip.

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