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dmartinezusmcPosted - 29 September 2013 0:23  Show Profile
i got a 48 on my practice test (EST) and then my recruiter sent me to meps and i got a 14 AFTQ ! -_- i know its heartbreaking , but i really need help. i just took the practice , like only the 4 areas that matter AFTQ and i got a 52.80. does this mean ill do much better on the real test the second try ? i feel like i rushed through it as well and i went with the least correct answer but im also bad at math but my math has gotten better. but i need tips , if i should tell my recruiter if im ready now at a 52.80 or should i just keep studying more ? i also need a AFTQ above 50 or 50 because i have a GED -_- but yeah thanks whoever reads this. god bless america.
realdeal896 Posted - 2 October 2013 10:50  Show Profile
you wont do much better. you need to study at least 2 hours a day. i scored a 22 my first. i go back in a couple weeks. study the main 4 areas and get the math formulas down, percentages and fractions. paragraphs look at them closely look at the questions first. go back an look for the answers. if your not sue with a word just go with your heart and take the best guess. you can always eliminate 2 answers on each question so its a 50/50 chance. you got devil dog.
dmartinezusmc Posted - 12 October 2013 22:51  Show Profile
thanks princessniles , yeah so the first time i took it here on 4test like 2 and a half weeks ago if not more and i got a 52 , i took it yesterday night to see if i had gone up more with my mathematical level and i got a 63. im retaking again on tuesday and i pray to god that i can pass it this time, which i will :) haha gotta think positive but yeah i hope this time everything will come around for me thanks again.

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