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chyrprePosted - 18 September 2013 21:2  Show Profile
I recently took the praxis math exam for like the 8th time. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it because for the 8th straight time I scored a 169 & I need 175 to pass. I've gotten a tutor and everything I can possibly think of. WHAT IN THE SAM HILL HECK ARE THEY LOOKING FOR????? I am beyond frustrated with this exam and the whole process is making me doubt my goal of becoming a teacher. Can anyone relate? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
kellie.broumley Posted - 20 October 2013 11:29  Show Profile
Hi! I have not taken the test yet, tomorrow, yikes!, but I know a student who is struggling with the math as well. Do they show you the questions you missed? The only thing I would suggest is keep practicing on the practice tests. I use the 2007 Edition Praxis book by Kaplan. Good luck, you can do it!!
ChyriDawn1 Posted - 28 October 2013 12:8  Show Profile
:Visiting the site for help with Praxis:<BR>The orginal post was created by Chyrpre---that is some scary stuff. My name is spelled, Chyri. I have never met anyone with the same spelling. <BR>#Interesting
Meiac39 Posted - 8 January 2015 13:35  Show Profile
I have failed the praxis 1 core math any suggestions I am so frustrated. I had a tutor and did practice problems.

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