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idl4Posted - 6 April 2005 19:11  Show Profile
hi All: I dont know if some one will read my message or not?
actually I need to know if I can get Tofel Certificate online and for free. because I need it to start studying in english university.
Sazter Posted - 16 June 2005 0:11  Show Profile
Well...I don''t know.<BR>Why don''t you use search engine? If you find the answer, let me know cos I am curious about it.
imonikhe Posted - 6 July 2005 21:54  Show Profile
yeah me to i think thats what you should do, because i have been searching for that too.
jamil452 Posted - 3 May 2007 23:36  Show Profile
everybody insist to that ones including me. but i think this is the task that the professor should carry out! come on
mm549 Posted - 15 March 2008 14:36  Show Profile
well i dont think so u wont..they wil only provide u online classes and information according to that..i searchd for it..couldnt find the solid..ans..
russellparkinson Posted - 18 November 2013 1:21  Show Profile
With the help of the ways and prospects that have developed in the online education domain things have turned far simpler and convenient for students who want to enroll in certificate programs that are offered by different virtual universities and online learning platforms http://www.worldwideacademics.com/regions/uae/universities/online-virtual-university-in-dubai.asp<BR>

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