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seafreaktooPosted - 1 April 2005 17:31  Show Profile
Can anyone suggest what I should study to prepare for the postal exam? What does it consist of?
danpost Posted - 7 November 2005 23:21  Show Profile
you need to get yourself a postal exam guide like i am doing now and its help alot.
danpost Posted - 7 November 2005 23:23  Show Profile
I think the biggest challenge is the memory of addresses, the other two parts are really no brainers. Trying to memorize 25 addresses will be the tie breaker.
danpost Posted - 7 November 2005 23:25  Show Profile
Can anyone tell me if the real test is somewhat like a practice exam in the study guides or is it totally different?
monkeygirl3288 Posted - 14 February 2006 11:6  Show Profile
I just took the postal exam on here and it was so boring. I wouldn't want to go take this but I need a job so...
cookster Posted - 22 August 2006 12:11  Show Profile
the memory part of the exam in the prep book said you get 3 chances to memorize. does anyone know how this works?
cookster Posted - 22 August 2006 12:15  Show Profile
If this is so I'm wondering if you could memorize the first 2 columns, then the next 2 and then the last one. Does anyone know?<BR>
kimi70 Posted - 2 December 2006 18:7  Show Profile
Hi Dan,<BR>I saw your post on 4Tests.com and I took the 460 Postal Exam and failed. I don't know how much that I failed by just that I failed. What book are you studying for the Postal Test. Does it really help? Do you know how much each part of the test counts for? They say the memory test is only 1/4 off if incorrect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR> <BR>
matjen Posted - 26 March 2007 21:22  Show Profile
I Took the Postal Exam several years ago and was promptly (within 1-2 Weeks) called back to interview for a rural carrier job.<BR>I believe the most important skill to have is a clear understanding of how adresses are arranged.<BR>The best practical experience I had for the Exam was from delivering pizzas. At this job (at night, in traffic) I had to understand the general location of a house based on the address only (no map quest cheaters).<BR>I learned the names and block numbers of every steat in my area, there was no garruntee I could see/read the signs and house numbers. I could look at an address and instantly know it was x blocks off such a corner, the NSEW location, and an approximate number of houses in from the corner.<BR>The first time took months (54 STs X 60#ed ones) but doing it fot the fith / sixth time at the exam only took seconds.
matjen Posted - 26 March 2007 21:35  Show Profile
The free posted exam only resembles the first section of the REAL Postal exam!<BR>That section is by far the easiest and checks for basic reading writing skills and requires minimal understanding of adress systems. <BR>I took the test on this web page and scored a 95, but I think their answers are inacurate. I believe New York = N.Y. , and Street and St. are the same. Which way does the post office score these?! <BR>I Think the maximum score in part one requires you to know all common postal abv.s (50 states, Hwy. Rd. Blvd. ) <BR>Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I think you must know that 1100 Rt. 4 is the same as 1100 Route Four.<BR>Administators: Please change your practice test to respect this. Thkx<BR>
matjen Posted - 26 March 2007 21:47  Show Profile
I don't remember Part 2 as well as the others. It resembles part 3 but is not as demanding. As I recall, these sections ask you to memmerize about 30 segments of road in anytown USA then answer questions about &quot;your&quot; area.<BR>I recall 2 main types of questions;<BR> A T/F is such an adress in your area<BR>and the more difficult which segmet does this adress belong to?<BR> Remember folks they ask ? after taking away the list of your addresses
matjen Posted - 26 March 2007 22:10  Show Profile
ATT: COCKSTER<BR>Numbers are Appoximate, please understand. Thankx.<BR>The Postal exam is scored like the SATs. <BR>That is you get 4 pts for right answers and lose 3 for wrong and like 1 for blank.<BR>(that's +4,-3,+1 not 4,3,1) So don't fill in bubbles to finish, blank ?s score you positive points. Only answer TF ?s if you are absolutely sure. However, ?s with four or so answers should be guessed at, Provided that you KNOW atleast 1 or more answer is 100% WRONG. Read the answer sections carefully, some answers are so obviously wrong that the ? could be written in Chinesse and still should be quessed at.<BR>Check with the SAT guys, but if the SAT had only three answers per ? then a monkey would score 1200!!<BR>UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM AND USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.<BR>
1Smackchillz Posted - 5 May 2012 17:52  Show Profile
any 1 else get a 100 on there postal 470 exam
FDVC Posted - 13 October 2012 3:21  Show Profile
k1i1m1b1e1r1l1i1 Posted - 27 July 2013 15:4  Show Profile
Can anybody tell me how to schedule the battery exam? I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now!!!! I even went up there to the post office and asked. You would only assume since they work there that they took the exam and would know where they took it...right????????????? HELP ME PLEASE!

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