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davidjeromePosted - 15 August 2013 4:3  Show Profile
I was ask aquestion on the practice asvab on this site and it gave me a question saying: x=6 y=-2 z=3 xz + xy / z^2 now the correct answer for the question written the way it was is 16 2/3 but the test didn't even have that as an answer. It said the answer was 2/3. The only way that formula could have been answered correctly as 2/3 is if it was written: (xz + xy) / z^2 Im not trying to whine but i hope someone sees this and corrects it for the people taking the test.
hpieratt Posted - 23 September 2013 12:22  Show Profile
Even without parenthesis PEMDAS still applies. Hence the answer 2/3.
kv.dafukk Posted - 23 September 2013 23:23  Show Profile
im taking the ASVAB tommarow at 12:30 can someone give me sum tips .

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