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eweber2011Posted - 31 July 2013 19:34  Show Profile
I got a 65.19% is that god or bad?
plus I need help studying because I know I suck at mathematics.
McGeeMSOps Posted - 22 August 2013 14:23  Show Profile
Be a bit more specific:</P><P>Where did you score a 65.19? (ASVAB, Practice Tests, What sections?)</P><P>This site can only provide you with practice tests to see where you stand. If you notice that you are getting the majority of the questions right I would recommend getting in contact with a recruiter to have them give you further advice.
eweber2011 Posted - 23 August 2013 2:1  Show Profile
It was the practice test on here
McGeeMSOps Posted - 4 September 2013 16:12  Show Profile
eweber2011,</P><P>As stated before, this site can only provide you with practice questions. One may score a 95% on this site but then receive an AFQT score of 28. Though this site does provide great practice tests to see where you stand.</P><P>The ASVAB is graded completely different. Harder questions are worth more points than the easier ones.</P><P>ashley.dublin,</P><P>I would recommend posting a local ad around your area or see if anyone has had prior military experience. There are also great study tools online as well as books that have helped other's up their AFQT score.

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