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ShannonONeilPosted - 25 July 2013 1:24  Show Profile
Okay, so whoever is studying for their GED understands the frustration of knowing where to start. The GED book is freaking huge and completely aggravating. My main issue is breaking down each section instead of reading page by page. The website helps with working on finding your weak subjects and your strong subjects , and you would think that would help but in my case....not so much. I need help figuring out a study schedule to stick to instead of reading page by page. Anyone have any luck in this problem? Thanks alot!
posteng Posted - 25 July 2013 12:29  Show Profile
i didnt study at all for the GED, and i passedwith a 2880.. but everybody is different. i dont have any ideas but &quot;just do it&quot; like nike...<BR>

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