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daughter811Posted - 10 February 2005 17:16  Show Profile
ho do i round decimals and how do i tell which one is greatest
almostout05 Posted - 20 April 2005 8:53  Show Profile
do you mean round decimals like if you have the number 5.57 and it says round to the nearest tenth. if so akk you have to remember is everything to the right of the decimal ends in "TH" and everything to the left are whole #''s. in this case 5.57 rounded to the nearest tenTH would be 5.6 because the number closest to the right of the decimal is the tenths then the 7 is hundreths and any numbers the follow would be thousandths ten thousandths hundredthousandth and millions and so on. If your looking to round up a # in the tenth''s position you would look at the # in the hundreths position and if it''s 5 and over you would change the # in the tenths position and round it up to the next number. like 5.57 rounded to the nearest tenth would be 5.6.

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