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olderthanyodaPosted - 21 January 2005 21:42  Show Profile
Hi, I just took a practice online GED test, and I recieved a 72.58%
I was just curious if that would be enough to pass and what letter grade that would be (ie: A, B, C, D, F)?
collegestar12 Posted - 10 March 2005 9:53  Show Profile
your grade to the test is a d but keep working
olderthanyoda Posted - 10 March 2005 16:4  Show Profile
Thank You, collegestar12! I appreciate your help. <BR>Have a good day!<BR> -- Jess --
darkstarpriestess Posted - 26 March 2005 15:21  Show Profile
Actually you only need 51% to pass. I got a 72% as well.
olderthanyoda Posted - 27 March 2005 17:25  Show Profile
Really Darkpriestess? That''s very good to hear! Thank You! :)
almostout05 Posted - 20 April 2005 8:38  Show Profile
that''s a good score maybe you should try taking another and try to raise your grade then contact an adult learning center in your area (if your serious about wanting to take a GED exam) and get into one of their programs it''s great believe me. I,myself, am in one and i take my test May 5,2005. They helped me alot on my writing and reading comprehension.
olderthanyoda Posted - 20 April 2005 12:2  Show Profile
Hey AlmostOut! Thanks for the encouragement! :) Good luck on your test in May!!
almostout05 Posted - 21 April 2005 8:10  Show Profile
thanks for the encouragment back to me. I really need some support... Lord knows you can''t get any around here. LOL hopefully I''ll pass and get outta this town.
olderthanyoda Posted - 21 April 2005 14:5  Show Profile
:) You''re very welcome, AlmostOut! </P><P>I know how ya feel!
almostout05 Posted - 22 April 2005 8:9  Show Profile
yeah i think at least one person in every town in the USofA feels the same. If you need any more help on anything you can let me know. almostout05@4tests.com
olderthanyoda Posted - 22 April 2005 16:47  Show Profile
Thank ya, dear! I''ll keep that in mind! :) </P><P>Much Love, <BR>Jessica
almostout05 Posted - 3 May 2005 8:40  Show Profile
well i take my test thursday. I''m so oexcited. I''ll let you know how it goes!!!
olderthanyoda Posted - 3 May 2005 19:54  Show Profile
Yeah, please do!<BR>Keep calm and best of luck to you! :)
almostout05 Posted - 9 May 2005 9:3  Show Profile
hey that test was hella easy. i was finished by 1pm that day. i get my results in two weeks but i''m not worried b/c i know i passed. put it this way it was so easy that when i saw the first test i laughed. lol! anyways i''ll let you know the exact scores before i get out in 2 weeks and a day....Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!
olderthanyoda Posted - 9 May 2005 20:45  Show Profile
Hey AlmostOut!<BR>I''m glad to hear that the test went well for you! :) I can''t wait to see your results!

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