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BlackNAznBoiPosted - 8 January 2005 14:37  Show Profile
Hey i found a site where you can take your GED online but u have to pay. Is this a good idea? here''s the website: http://www.johnadams-edu.us/index.php
JamiNewt Posted - 4 April 2005 11:23  Show Profile
I am going to do that, actually. I think it looks like a good idea considering the research I''ve done on other online GED options.
almostout05 Posted - 20 April 2005 8:31  Show Profile
i wouldn''t do anything until i was sure it was real and not a scam and also i''d want to find out if it counted in my state or even as a real tests. if I were you i''d contact an adult learning center in your area and ask someone there.
Nisha16 Posted - 12 May 2005 12:48  Show Profile
Hey has enyone tacken the ged test yet ?<BR>
BlackNAznBoi Posted - 12 May 2005 13:12  Show Profile
I decided to just stay in school and get my diploma.
Gypsy18 Posted - 24 May 2005 9:27  Show Profile
I am studying now to take my Ged. I would''nt try taking it online, because it seems like a way to get alot of money from you. It''s cheaper to take it the regular way. Anyone taking theirs yet?
lissaboo Posted - 9 August 2005 0:9  Show Profile
i think it''s a good idea if u check it out i thought about it myself but got a better deal somewhere else
Angeliclady Posted - 31 August 2005 8:25  Show Profile
if I were you, I wouldn''t take my GED online to me there''s something that just doesn''t sound right about that.
Sweetnena23 Posted - 21 September 2005 9:54  Show Profile
Hi, to be honest I don't that's legit. Actually I'm taking my science, &amp; math test today. I already have the 2250 to get my diploma. What happened was that I got a 400 on the science so I need at least a 410 to reach the passing score. I'm just hoping that I don't f*ck up. As for the math, I'm just taking it to try and get a better score.
Fay1 Posted - 11 October 2005 15:28  Show Profile
I believe I can take it for free ofline, about a ten minute drive, from my house.
AKEEYA Posted - 26 October 2005 14:19  Show Profile
I took the test and i didn't pass it so i take it angin in sept. I had to pay its only $25. You get a blue card so with that $25 you have 3 times to take it. I took ged class for 3 months. You should thing about that. Now i need help on my essay if antbody took it already plese tell me what was topic.<BR>
froggiesmom2003 Posted - 23 November 2005 22:59  Show Profile
GED online diplomas arent sealed with stamp
Ranni01 Posted - 9 December 2005 19:24  Show Profile
i wanted to know if anybody else have taken GED through online and how much it cost.<BR>Also if you take it through community college how much is the cost.</P><P>Thanks
Jo24 Posted - 10 December 2005 8:46  Show Profile
There is something very fishy about an online GED diploma.</P><P>When I took the test (offline) a few days ago, they had very strict standards on what I could or couldn't do. For instance, I had to take the entire test start to finish. I couldn't take it on different days. I also couldn't go back and look at a test after it was completed. I asked if I could type my essay up on a laptop or something that they provided (just because typing is easier for me) and they said they don't allow that because it's too easy to look things up on a computer, spell check, etc. Oh, and if I did the essay in pencil instead of pen, they would count it as a 0.</P><P>There are just too many ways to chea on a GED online test. I don't think the diploma would be legit or count.
Jo24 Posted - 10 December 2005 8:50  Show Profile
The GED test cost $20 for me to take. It was given by some people who I believe are with the Department of Secondary Education in my state.</P><P>They also said it would cost an additional $200 for the test booklet if I marked on it at all instead of the answer sheet (of course I didn't).

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