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simmy78Posted - 13 June 2013 7:21  Show Profile
I'm rigorously preparing for GMAT and I'm unable to understand the concept of adverbs and adjectives. I came across this question on 800score.com

The new student speaks bad.

Why is this sentence wrong?

Please review this question and help me crack GMAT
Thanks in advance

mbou2311 Posted - 22 June 2013 6:26  Show Profile
hi, i think this is am abandoned site there seems to no one on it i also scored a 75% and have no idea what the conversion would be. maybe a straight 75% of 800 but looks very dubious doing it that way.
Peter56 Posted - 25 June 2013 9:44  Show Profile
In the example you have posted by 800score.com <BR>The word 'bad' is being used to modify the verb speak, but as 'bad' is an adjective it cannot modify a verb. So, the sentence is faulty and contains error. Therefore, 'bad is changed to 'badly'

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