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nina0901Posted - 3 June 2013 18:26  Show Profile
is it one score or separate score?
christine2281 Posted - 30 August 2013 0:41  Show Profile
You get a separate score for each test and I believe that you need a 68 or higher.. Don't quote me.
cherise_22 Posted - 12 September 2013 13:16  Show Profile
Ingram7 Posted - 13 September 2013 12:0  Show Profile
I was informed by my GED teacher that 410 is the minimum passing score for any of the 5 test. However an aggregate score of 2250 is also required to pass the entire GED test.</P><P>You will need all least 450 in each test to pass the entire GED test.</P><P> 450 - Reading<BR> 450 - Maths<BR> 450 - Writing<BR> 450 - Science<BR> 450 - Social Studies<BR>2250 - Total</P><P>OR</P><P>If maths is your worst subject then you need at least a 410 to pass maths, but you will need to make the rest of the aggregate score from your other subject tests.</P><P> 470 - Reading<BR> 410 - Maths<BR> 450 - Writing<BR> 450 - Science<BR> 470 - Social Studies<BR>2250 - Total<BR>
bablefoster Posted - 18 September 2013 21:49  Show Profile
so ive passed evrythng sept math witch i scord a 390 and knockd evrythng else out the box so does this mean i still passed the overall test or do i have to take the math portion again
ReachingSuccess Posted - 16 November 2013 16:20  Show Profile
Just have take math part again. Congrats to you
gelah1 Posted - 26 November 2013 5:47  Show Profile
e Percentile Rank Test Date Test Format Test Center<BR>Social 550 69% School<BR>Science 530 62% 11/19/2013 <BR>Reading 690 97% 11/19/2013 <BR>Math 420 21% 11/18/2013<BR>THESE ARE MY TEST SCORES STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE WRITING SCORE I HOPE I passED BARELY passED THE MATH :) </P><P>
gelah1 Posted - 27 November 2013 5:32  Show Profile
jasir.raza Posted - 19 October 2014 17:4  Show Profile
****o every one I am living in Middle East and here is no ged teacher can any one help in my ged by Skype
KING*ACE!13579 Posted - 5 March 2015 12:45  Show Profile
I'm wondering why the people on here can't help with this. Can someone please reply back to help me with this. It is really annoying. I'm doing it so I can train for the Marines. Go Kentucky Wildcats. No one can stomp them to the ground.
Ayan_Senpai Posted - 5 March 2015 17:22  Show Profile
If you want to go to college you need to have score at least 170 points or if you smart enaugh just make it 200 points that's the perfect points.. the passing points are 150..
justinjones2k Posted - 30 April 2015 16:1  Show Profile
You don't need 170 points just to go to college. It all depends on what type of school you go to. passing is 150 points per subject, give or take. IF you get your GED you can still get into college. Some people on here shouldn't be allowed to give advice.

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