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dwiguitarPosted - 17 May 2013 19:37  Show Profile
Just took the test today and got a 96 and I felt like sharing some pointers that really made a difference in my performance.

• Don't listen to ANYTHING your recruiter says. They're often thinking about enlisting you as fast as possible and will try to push you into taking the test when you're not ready.

• Don't take the test if you have the slightest doubt about your abilities to read and do arithmetic, geometry and algebra.

• Focus only in the following: paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning and math knowledge. Everything else matters but there's only so much info you can cram in.your head for ONE test.

• Take your time. A lot of recruiters tell you to not leave anything blank but the hardest questions are worth a LOT of points so if you hurry to have more time you may throw away one question worth 3-4 easy ones. Also often you will get a easy question after a really hard one to compensate.

• learn how to factor polynomials and binomials. Those questions are worth a lot.

• for verbal expression, read twice always. Additionaly, don't try to guess a word by matching it to something that looks like it, many english words come from latin , and unless you.speak spanish there's no way of guessing it. My advice is to repeat the word in your head in a scenario and see if it makes sense. Either way, you should be prepared by looking for weird words online and taking word puzzles.

That's all. I studied.for 2 days , you might need more. Also get 8 hrs.of sleep and a BIG breakfast it helps a lot. Good luck!

jonlowe1 Posted - 6 June 2013 17:49  Show Profile
thank you for the input and congrads on a great score I hoping to reach atleast 80 ,,,,,<BR>I scored a 60 on the practice ,but from information you submitted I feel I'll improve my score

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