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AmbreiaPosted - 6 May 2013 9:19  Show Profile
Need some encouragement on passing the asvab.. I scored a 50 on the practice test on this website..
schatziebee Posted - 8 May 2013 11:8  Show Profile
Yeah I'm joining. and trying to study for it
Ambreia Posted - 8 May 2013 13:22  Show Profile
How is studying going for you? Im so close but not fully ready yet.. so im studying a bit more
schatziebee Posted - 8 May 2013 20:6  Show Profile
Studying is not going to well. but I'm trying so hard. I just hope all goes well with me
Ambreia Posted - 9 May 2013 6:21  Show Profile
Well watch youtube videos that's whats been helping me..how old are u?
Ambreia Posted - 9 May 2013 6:25  Show Profile
Im a mom so that's not the only problem i'm having..
schatziebee Posted - 21 May 2013 17:25  Show Profile
I'm 27
SkateRasta00 Posted - 21 May 2013 20:9  Show Profile
I got attacked by a deranged man in a chicken suit named turkey
kahlil.drayton Posted - 5 June 2013 15:53  Show Profile
Yes but I want to make a high score on the ASVAB!!!!
Prdieselboy007 Posted - 5 June 2013 21:49  Show Profile
National guard need a study buddy from nj
niquejaye Posted - 6 June 2013 15:23  Show Profile
Hello, <BR>I have been in the Army Reserve for 8 years while getting my degree. I have resently been trying to switch branch and go active duty Air Force/Officer; So I have to take the ASVAB again in order to switch (each branch likes their own test taken). </P><P>Here is some advice that may help with the ASVAB. First study your weakest areas and within those weakest area study the portion that relates to the job you want within the Army. For example you want to become a mechanic you would study mechanics/ Math/Arithmetic. </P><P>They also have ASVAB apps for your phone and premaid flash cards at the bookstores. If you have tried these routes then you can go online and look for a tutor within you area that specailizes in the ASVAB. </P><P>One last word of advice I would give anyone is if you score low and do not like the jobs they are offering you. Do not let them force you into a job you do not care for or desire to do for 6-8 years. I know some will say you can switch when you get in but it's NOT that easy and likely not the case (The army has spent money on you to go to school one already). Let the recruitor know you would like to re-test or you WILL NOT join (be forceful because they will try to convince you to just take what they offered in fear you may do worse on the ASVAB). Also if the job offers a HUGE bonus beware because 9 out 10 times that job is dangerouse or highly deployable.</P><P>Good Luck! I hope you do well!
jonlowe1 Posted - 6 June 2013 17:35  Show Profile
hello I just took the practice exam and scored 61. can someone please help me I want to go combat and I need an 87....<BR>and one wants to be study partners?<BR>
pedro.juan.7165 Posted - 5 September 2013 15:2  Show Profile
i need help
JazyFaid Posted - 8 September 2013 20:20  Show Profile
Hi I am trying to join the Army and am trying my best to study for the asvab, what other methods are there beside just taking notes and reading the material? I scored a 65.15 on this online test and need to get at least a 95 or higher on it. ive tried teaching myself, but its also hard to try to find someone hear that can help me study where i live<BR>
hawa.e.feika Posted - 24 September 2013 15:36  Show Profile
I am ready
hawa.e.feika Posted - 24 September 2013 15:37  Show Profile
Yes sign me up
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