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JGuerriero4Posted - 19 April 2013 18:28  Show Profile
i need good advice. here is my situation. i taken the cat-asvab test twice. i first took it in high school and scored a 17. i wasnt ready and pushed myself to take the test because i have 2 brothers serving in the united states airforce. i just failed my second cat-asvab today and scored a 22. my goal is to be a Marine. my Arithmetic i scored a 52 and my Mathematical scored a 50. heres why i failed my test. my Word Knowledge score was a 32 and my Paragraph was a 42. i studied so many words from books in McGraw Hills, barrons, words on military.com and other asvab books. the vocabulary words on the cat-asvab test today i never seen before and didnt recognized them. if i could of got my word knowledge up to a 50 i would of passed. im just disappointed in myself and let myself down. but i wont give up, marines dont quit and thats how marines are built. i just need help or any kind of advice to help me build my vocabulary after i just studied almost 400 words and none were on the asvab please help.
ifaqedurmomlikeaboss Posted - 28 April 2013 16:0  Show Profile
hey ive been taking practice recruiter shit too, and have been failing, my worst was also the word knowledge, and i am now better, and can pass there tests, but i need a 50 or they wont bother trying to let me in cause i have a lame diploma.<BR> But anyways. my main issue was the word knowledge also, and i went on Google and did all sorts of tests. DO NOT do this site http://quizlet.com/339219/learn/<BR>but do the others are great, if you don't know a word just Google it, just like reading a book.</P><P> For instance when your reading in school then your like dafuq does that mean, then your teacher is like &quot;look it up ya-tard&quot;. Then you learned it and now will always know it.<BR> so yea that's what i have been doing. it works, I also have dummy ASVAB book but its not my style of learning, its a pain for me. But hopefully that will help you out, just do a test a day online then after a week go take your recruiters test.
Cutieredhead107 Posted - 29 April 2013 3:42  Show Profile
Hey- I'm working with a bunch of people right now who bombed the ASVAB. I've been posting really short practice quizzes online to help them out. I'm a tutor with Wyzant.com, but the quizzes are on Quizstar and are free for the time being. Hit me up and I'll give you an account name and password to access them.
realdeal896 Posted - 2 October 2013 11:1  Show Profile
can you set me up with a account name and password please. i need alot of help. i go back in a couple of weeks to take it again. usmc
JGuerriero4 Posted - 2 October 2013 13:9  Show Profile
I would appreciate it if you can set me up with an account as well. I want to pass this test. I have 2 brothers serving in the AirForce and i want to make them proud and mother by passing my ASVAB

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