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JGuerriero4Posted - 19 April 2013 18:17  Show Profile
i need good advice. here is my situation. i taken the cat-asvab test twice. i first took it in high school and scored a 17. i wasnt ready and pushed myself to take the test because i have 2 brothers serving in the united states airforce. i just failed my second cat-asvab today and scored a 22. my goal is to be a Marine. my Arithmetic i scored a 52 and my Mathematical scored a 50. heres why i failed my test. my Word Knowledge score was a 32 and my Paragraph was a 42. i studied so many words from books in McGraw Hills, barrons, words on military.com and other asvab books. the vocabulary words on the cat-asvab test today i never seen before and didnt recognized them. if i could of got my word knowledge up to a 50 i would of passed. im just disappointed in myself and let myself down. but i wont give up, marines dont quit and thats how marines are built. i just need help or any kind of advice to help me build my vocabulary after i just studied almost 400 words and none were on the asvab please help.

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