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erut24Posted - 12 April 2013 15:43  Show Profile
Is a 71 considered a good score?
Also in the practice exam why is there not a section on paragraph comprehension?
ifaqedurmomlikeaboss Posted - 1 May 2013 19:47  Show Profile
hey a 71 is GREAT dude, and if that's on this website then that's not great, if you get a 71 at the recruiters office than that's awesome, the recruiters office nor the asvab grade with percentages, like if you got a 50 that doesn't mean 50%. It means your better than 50% of the rest of the people that took the test. but its different with age ranges and genders. BUT anyways this website doesn't have Paragraph comp, i don't know why but it doesn't make sense, since they wrote AFQT. but i would aim towards 90% on all AFQT practice websites, before you head on out to the recruiters office. make sure to not retake this websites afqt because you will memorize all the answers like i have, i stopped taking this sites because i literally know almost all the answers by heart. in each order--its sad.

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