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FredGeePosted - 29 March 2013 21:5  Show Profile
made some stupid mistakes by being cocky and not parsing the questions properly

didn't actually know:

33) What should the temperature of a typical soldering iron be when joining two wires together? (500 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit)

50) Which of the following plants lacks a vascular system? (Liverworts)

55) What does a anemometer measure? (air pressure)

if I had used a pen and paper and been a bit sharper - I think I could have hit 97.3% (108 of 111 questions correct)

I'm a bit above average intelligence - but not particularly smart. It's a bit shocking to see people posting scores that indicate they are in the realm of special needs (do the armed forces take anybody?)

bankuna.kabongo Posted - 9 April 2013 12:19  Show Profile
they'll put you at the same level as the other people that has/have the same score as you

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