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Theoneanonly90Posted - 18 March 2013 18:29  Show Profile
If you really need help in the asvab I have the online free class that I can gave you, before I toke the class I score a 35 at MEPs a friend of my told me about this online free class so I toke it study for about 4 weeks want back toke the exam an score a 89 if you need any help email me at pmarcus1990@live.com
kali1025 Posted - 21 March 2013 3:58  Show Profile
hey man whats the website called?
zehramorgan Posted - 22 March 2013 8:44  Show Profile
Whats the website??
Tey24 Posted - 9 April 2013 13:7  Show Profile
What the website
Tey24 Posted - 9 April 2013 13:23  Show Profile
Need a study paranter for asvab in the tippah county lee county are in mississippi.
nyna11 Posted - 9 April 2013 14:42  Show Profile
Cutieredhead107 Posted - 29 April 2013 3:46  Show Profile
Hey- I'm working with a bunch of people right now who bombed the ASVAB. I've been posting really short practice quizzes online to help them out. I'm a tutor with Wyzant.com, but the quizzes are on Quizstar and are free for the time being. Hit me up and I'll give you an account name and password to access them.
schatziebee Posted - 8 May 2013 11:14  Show Profile
Hey Buddy I need help really bad. what's your website
Ambreia Posted - 8 May 2013 13:39  Show Profile
trying to join the army I need a study partner
schatziebee Posted - 8 May 2013 20:8  Show Profile
Ambreia I can be your study partner.
Roxana559 Posted - 19 May 2013 19:40  Show Profile
I scored an 83 on this practice test, still need a little more practice though. If anybody would like to inform me about more practice asvab tests please do. Thank You:)
Moussa94 Posted - 3 June 2013 9:56  Show Profile
whats the website i need all the help i can get plz
Prdieselboy007 Posted - 3 June 2013 11:8  Show Profile
Can I get that web site need a study buddy in north jersey, thanks.
jonlowe1 Posted - 6 June 2013 17:40  Show Profile
hello i'm in need of a good study partner I scored a 61 on the practice exam and I need to score a 87 to join infantry and combat ,,,,<BR>so please someone help me out please
Theoneanonly90 Posted - 10 July 2013 12:42  Show Profile

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