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PrettiBoiiPosted - 4 March 2013 13:13  Show Profile
Please can somone help me on the math part of the ASVAB. Im seeing that my weakest part falls under math.
JFrancais Posted - 9 March 2013 11:54  Show Profile
What specifically is giving you trouble?
steve.wordell Posted - 9 March 2013 19:26  Show Profile
The math is the hardest for me as well. I got a basic algebra study guide from my local library to try and brush up a little. Also if you get an ASVAB study guide, it has a lot of tips on what kind of math you can expect to see on the test and what types of math you should really focus on. So, I would go to your library get an ASVAB study guide and after you read up on the math section, get another book that will help in the parts that the test focuses on, and what you need the most help with.
hailee16raburn Posted - 13 March 2013 16:7  Show Profile
What i'm doing right now is memorizing basic math formulas. You should know that they're probably going to ask you the volume, area, or perimeter of a specific shape. If you don't know them, make some flash cards and memorize them. Flash cards help tremendously. If you go to google and type in basic math formulas, it will bring up a page with geometry formulas, fractions, how to do percents, some algebra and consumer formulas as well which are formulas used in arithmetic reasoning. Like how to find the sales tax of something, how to find discounts, tips, all that good stuff.

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