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Ravensway13Posted - 25 February 2013 13:58  Show Profile
I took practice test and got my score as a normal percentage grade. How is this converted to the scoring used by schools?
Pirate_Gasser Posted - 10 August 2015 10:1  Show Profile
The actual MCAT scores range from 3-45. So I ***ume that the way to convert the percentage you received is to multiply the percentage by the max score. <BR>Example:<BR>I received a score of 80% on my first practice exam, which equals 0.80. I then just multiplied 0.80 x 45 = 36. </P><P>I could be wrong about this but since no one else posted an answer, I thought I would.</P><P>
Gluck10 Posted - 5 October 2018 23:19  Show Profile
Gluck10 Posted - 5 October 2018 23:20  Show Profile
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