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GWRUPosted - 8 November 2004 10:41  Show Profile
Everyone keeps telling me, "You should go to college." I am not sure i want to....

I am a bit scared, I have been homeschooled since 3rd Grade.

Is college a lot like school? Is there a popularity contest? Is there snobs?

And i do not know, IF I go, what to go for. (sigh)

Anyone want to speak about the same problems I am crossing?

GotAloha Posted - 20 September 2005 22:7  Show Profile
Hi, I was in your same boat. I've been homeschooled ever since the 2nd grade. Theres no difference..just dont get caught up w/ everything. If you stick to your books first then worry about the hanging out w/ friends..you'll be totally fine! I love it...its just real tiring and but you meet alot of people and make tons of new friends. Well hope things work out for you! Bye
MeijenSohma Posted - 8 October 2005 21:6  Show Profile
Hey, I don't know much about the predicament. I'm currently a senior waiting for the spring semester to come around, ya know..? </P><P>Anyway, I have a lot of friends that are homeschooled that really want to go to college. It's for the best, really. You're not going to live at home forever, and you need to stick your neck out. I'm not saying you're a coward or anything, but, you have to admit, homeschooling is a parent's way of making SURE that their child is safe period. Kind of like the old 'protective parental bubble'. </P><P>College would be a breath of fresh air for you. And, to the question about classes, I think you should go on your interests, but get your prerequisits(So misspelled that) out of the way. It'll give you the basics, like algebra, english, reading, etc.. It'll help you out and you'll be able to see if you really want to go to an actual university or not. </P><P>Going to a community college close to home would probably be the best thing to do for now. It's cheaper, you can still stay at home, and also experience the world for what it is. I warn you, it's not all fluffy bunnies and happy smiles. It stinks a lot of the time.
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 March 2007 14:15  Show Profile
I think everyone should go.. for something.. but there are all types of ppl going to college.. my grandma went till she was like 50.. I think she just likes to go learn.. she has a few degrees..and now she runs a lawn business..lol

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