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NatiB90Posted - 14 February 2013 14:2  Show Profile
hello, so I`m looking to join the NG. I took the practice test and score 38 then I went to MEPS and score a 30 sad I know... Anyways Im studying the book Master the asvab basics by Peterson but its not really helping. If anyone could please help me with the Word Knowledge and the Arithmetics reasoning I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Eddie81 Posted - 15 February 2013 16:27  Show Profile
If ur in NJ, we can study together!
paigedood90 Posted - 22 February 2013 12:6  Show Profile
How did you get your practice test score I cant find mine?
geoffrey.marshall.39 Posted - 25 February 2013 14:22  Show Profile
Im trying to go to the AF but i really need help with the arthimic reasoning and word knowledge could you all help me
hailee16raburn Posted - 13 March 2013 16:13  Show Profile
Hey guys, i'm studying for the asvab as well. And what i'm doing is making flash cards for math and word knowledge. For word knowledge, a trick is to memorize all the prefixes and suffixes. Don't spend two weeks trying to memorize 200 different words, because you don't even know what words they're going to use on the actual test. Learn roots too if you need to, but a lot of roots are pretty much common sense if you ask me. For arithmetic reasoning, learn consumer formulas. Which are formulas used to find discounts, sale prices, sales tax, tips, etc. Make flash cards for those as well. Trust me, flash cards work miracles. </P><P>Go to this website for basic math formulas: http://www.basic-mathematics.com/basic-math-formulas.html

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