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AndreaMoorheadPosted - 29 January 2013 13:29  Show Profile
I want to take my GED, but how long does it take? do you have do attend classes to take the test?!?!?
Flakko Posted - 1 February 2013 13:58  Show Profile
You can take classes to prepare for the GED test, if you think you're ready you don't need to take the classes to take the test. I have not yet taken the test but the location where the GED Test are provided told me that the test is done in 8 hours with breaks. So that means all 4 tests are done in 1 day.
christine2281 Posted - 30 August 2013 0:47  Show Profile
You can take one test at a time. You don't have to take them all at once. What a long day that would be!!
Gogirlbianca Posted - 13 September 2013 2:15  Show Profile
lol serioulys
Chrislangley79 Posted - 22 September 2013 20:53  Show Profile
I am going to classes right now and the teachers said you can take one test at a time, that is what i plan to do, I am only good for about one subject a day or my brain goes into overload.<BR>

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