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unplayedpianoPosted - 10 January 2013 18:38  Show Profile
any one up for it???
web cam chats????
I need some one or more then one to study with and get threw this test
Im a girl btw
jonny.sanchez.3956 Posted - 11 January 2013 20:39  Show Profile
hey watsup me too where do you live I stay in Cali.
beto623 Posted - 12 January 2013 15:41  Show Profile
im down i need it too
vacquese92 Posted - 13 January 2013 21:31  Show Profile
im down also im in new jersey
jessica.o.marianne Posted - 30 January 2013 17:12  Show Profile
hey im down as well im in georgia
Vega2113 Posted - 13 February 2013 19:44  Show Profile
I'm in need of a GED study buddy , serious ppl only . I really need to pass .
Dimiras Posted - 13 February 2013 22:41  Show Profile
im down, im a lovely studds budds, yall can come kickit im my bathroom with me.. hell ya bro tyme with my bras. no homo, yolo swag. byob.
DeaDLoKD57 Posted - 14 February 2013 11:20  Show Profile
hey i just took the prep test for the first time without studying and i scored 51.6 so if i woulda got 8.4 more points i woulda passed.. anyway one mistake was that i didnt know some questions had a fifth option. so if i woulda saw that i would have gotten a few more right.. anyway im in FL.. cam is fine text is fine.. watever u want i need to study and i used to be a P.I.M.P.. ...that was when i was younger, now im Slayin'em like i'm holding Excalibur..... Yeaaaahhhhh hit me up if u want to study buddy.. good luccky..<BR>
lbamm Posted - 18 February 2013 19:17  Show Profile
i need help
mondo2013 Posted - 19 February 2013 11:36  Show Profile
whats up i need some help<BR>
alford4life21 Posted - 20 February 2013 13:57  Show Profile
i need study buddy i just fail my test UGH
khielbrion11 Posted - 24 February 2013 18:43  Show Profile
im new here in the U.S and i need to pass this...i seriously need a study buddy..chat is good so is webcam
DeaDLoKD57 Posted - 28 February 2013 19:51  Show Profile
it seems that everyone just posts.. if you guys want hit me up on SKYPE and we figure out what we need to to to study and get this done..<BR>my skypename is Dead lokD, picture of batman
PsYuSoFly Posted - 21 March 2013 9:44  Show Profile
I need a study partner for G.E.D I live in georgia near Atlanta e-mail me kneegahrowplz313@hotmail.com
tsheka.trotz Posted - 10 May 2013 10:36  Show Profile
I really need a study buddy please help someone anyone, i live in Decatur,GA, you can email me at tsheka33x@yahoo.com thank u
rsandhu1 Posted - 27 June 2013 13:58  Show Profile
hi everyone, I just wondering if anyone help me with my GED test, which is in Sept 2013, if anyone let me know how should I prepare, &quot;I mean study material or stuff&quot;. Could you please let me know Thanks
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