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HaynbaybePosted - 8 September 2004 15:45  Show Profile
I recently graduated and now I have to study to take my entrance test. I''m sorta getting mixed feelings if I''ll even pass the test, I just don''t want to take it and have to maybe retake it again. I need some edvice or e-mail me. Thanks
corhonda Posted - 29 September 2004 9:41  Show Profile
hey you are not alone , I feel the same way, I am recently a senior and preparing for the ACT I know i should have taken care of this a long time ago but hey , i am a girl that just wanted to have fun and now don''t know what to do, so do you have advice for me.<BR>
lorettoswimmer88 Posted - 12 October 2004 20:56  Show Profile
hey i know how you feel im really scared to do this entrance exam as well i have to do it and im bearly a junior in high school. im really scared
Unexpectedcutie Posted - 3 January 2005 1:18  Show Profile
hey you are not alone because i feel the same way I waited till the last minute to take it. Only because when it comes to test i just completely lose it and i can''t focus or anything. So am i alone?
simplestep245 Posted - 2 March 2005 23:15  Show Profile
hi <BR>i have i small message you are never alone and never give up on what you want out of life, let you know some thing i''m 41 years old and a drop out,i have 5 kids 23,22,17,16,16 and the two oldest have grauated and another leaving high school and me i''m going to get my ged now so don''t give up after you get your education you can have all the fun you want and be a star in the sky . so stand tall and go to the world and say i can do anything !
collegestar12 Posted - 9 March 2005 10:6  Show Profile
hey u all i''m taking my act and i need help with the math part anyone want to discuss with me.<BR>brady_alisa@yahoo.com<BR>collegestar12@4tests.com
theSPIVEman Posted - 22 November 2005 10:30  Show Profile
no im here your not alone

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