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FutureNavyGirlPosted - 26 November 2012 19:19  Show Profile
I've taken the asvab once and scored a 26 for the army but, Ive changed the branch that I want to join and I want to take it again to join the NAVY but my recruiter said he's not goin to send me to MEPS for failure and I need to score a 50 or higher the only thing that keeping from passing is the AR and the MK ! I need help ASAP
PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU CAN HELP ( Jasminebradley81@yahoo.com)
camarossslp Posted - 29 November 2012 14:44  Show Profile
whwhwhwhhwwhwhwhwhww Posted - 19 December 2012 10:39  Show Profile
im needing help as well were you at hit me me up at wado1265@yahoo.com
BlackWolf217 Posted - 30 December 2012 19:3  Show Profile
Hi, My name is Josh. Im trying to join the Marines. But i need that help too. i was wondering if I could get some help has well.
msaint Posted - 27 January 2013 18:19  Show Profile
@FutureNavyGirl, Did you ever pass the asvab??

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