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futuredoc88Posted - 29 August 2004 1:37  Show Profile
Does anyone else''s school have so much drama you juss wanna go straight to college? or is it just mine?
Haynbaybe Posted - 2 September 2004 16:21  Show Profile
I''m 16 and going to college soon, just enjoy life that you have now. Because you''ll be like me stressing over a test.
JClay Posted - 4 September 2004 14:52  Show Profile
I''ll tell you, I just graduated and I am so happy to get away from all the gossip and drama I was around. The easiest thing to do is ignore it all to the best of your ability, i.e don''t hang around to listen, refuse to talk about that kind of crap. there was stuff i didn''t even want to know about people and i heard it. just remember your not the only one that is around it.</P><P>best of luck

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