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CodyspannPosted - 10 October 2012 16:1  Show Profile
I made a 56.00 on my practice asvab and i have my GED would this meen that i scored high enough to pass the real asvab test to be a navy diver?
Bianca1818 Posted - 2 November 2012 15:55  Show Profile
I scored high on my practice test also but once it came time to take the real test I didn't score as high :/ Just keep studying if you havn't tooken it yet also the Navy limits GED enlistments to no more than five to ten percent each year. So try to get a really high score on the ASVAB
andy2teach Posted - 4 November 2012 9:0  Show Profile
I have ASVAB class every Sat. & Sun. in Charlotte, NC. You can add 10, 20, 30+ points to your score. See my Facebook Page and website for info. https://www.facebook.com/Andy2Teach.Page

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