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Brooklynn0223Posted - 20 September 2012 10:42  Show Profile
I keep doing the SAT practice, and I keep getting really low scores, like 52 and 44%. Besides retaking the practice test, what else can I do to raise my score?
LeslyLouba Posted - 13 November 2012 10:1  Show Profile
When are you taking your test ? Dec 1st ?
Preply Posted - 13 November 2012 17:24  Show Profile
Have you thought about trying to find a tutor. </P><P>Check out www.preply.com for an online marketplace featuring test prep experts that have a lot of experience preparing students for the ACT and SAT.
RayNarayan Posted - 24 December 2012 1:45  Show Profile
Well exams like SAT need an extended focus. Just getting your concepts clear wouldn't help much. You got to stick to free practice sets available on online portals like one to one tutor. Maximize your chances of good score by practicing along with analyzing the lacking areas and improving on that.
RPare1947 Posted - 12 February 2013 22:26  Show Profile
On my SAT test, question #6 was printed as<BR>follows:<BR>x2=5x-4 How many real solutions?</P><P>According to your key, your answer was 2.<BR>However, the highest exponent determines<BR>the number of solutions. Your equation<BR>had x terms with exponents of 1. You printed the question incorrectly--<BR>x2 should have been typed with the 2 as<BR>a super script making the answer correct.
ngonie54 Posted - 24 August 2013 10:21  Show Profile
heyy guys pliz i nid sme help concerning the SAT exam . pliz feel free to catch me on whatsapp +263774789174
gilliandunn8 Posted - 24 December 2013 4:18  Show Profile
Keep practicing, focus on important part of syllabus and keep a watch on old year question papers easily available. If you fail again try hiring a Home tutor for your SAT test preparation. <BR>kids-to-college.com
pm1e Posted - 6 January 2014 5:15  Show Profile
Hey Brooklynn0223, </P><P>First of all do not panic, you will be fine, the fact you are taking these pre tests is in itself already a great sign. As some people have already suggested, maybe seek out extra tuitions and grinds. Why not share notes with your school friends also. There are plenty og things you can do to be fully prepared. Try using some of the mind map and flash card tools on www.examtime.com <BR>The beauty of this site is that you can share your notes and sample quizzes with cl***mates and vise versa. Let us know if you have any other questions and good luck.
tom.cook.35325074 Posted - 23 January 2014 23:43  Show Profile
IMPORTANT can like people in Australia and ***an tell us the answers and stuff cause they do it before us?<BR>
FreeSat Posted - 27 May 2014 11:15  Show Profile
Examination like SAT is really require proper guidelines and your dedication towards achieving your goal. You have to prepare yourself best in all the subjects of SAT and for that you have to solve online practice sets. Here is one web site which give you complete solution www.freesattest.net
THEBEACH Posted - 19 October 2014 21:41  Show Profile
Hi I'm THEBEACH and I'm 14 i want to go to cal state long beach but i don't know what the best way to study for the SAT test<BR>

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