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kayceehansPosted - 11 June 2004 13:26  Show Profile
Hum..my sigh whenever i think on how good it is getting the way to education through the right college.
Taking myself as a case study. I''m a young in my early twenties having a good talent about electrical electronics engineering. Favourably enough the course i''m studying at this beautiful moment but one thing is i''m not happy with it.
Most colleges and high school in my country (Nigeria) where i''m studying this course are not fit to it. They not only make you mediocre in your field but also turn you innoncent when previleged to work with expert most especially foreign experts.
This and many more had been a recurrent source of heart-broken phenomenon in my life. Despite having the talent endow by no one but the mightiest the thought that you are possibly ending up a mature novice will keep striking your heart for you know you are not at the right college we your talent is allowed to be displayed to the fullest.
However,to mke it all short, I looking and thinking tirelessly to seeing scholarship to study abroad in the likes of China,Japan,Taiwan,U.S.A etc. To get justice done on my natural talent.
I''m using this medium provided my an educative and enlightening body "4TEST" yhe best link in world so far in terms of academics to reach out to friends out there to seek their words of wisdom, encouragement and their possible suggestion for my tired of keeping it all alone in me for my might be hazradous to my blood pressure. Please sav e a living souls. I urgently need your correspondence.
email: kayceehans@4tests.com
DJPhrost Posted - 19 August 2004 12:39  Show Profile
Hello,</P><P>I think you should move to the United States or maybe somewhere closer <BR>to continue pursuing your goal to become a electronics engineer. The <BR>kinda money these people make are insane. You said you needed a reply and <BR>I thought i''d let you know that if you''re really into it.. Move to <BR>somewhere where there are decent colleges and give it a shot.<BR>
amyray88 Posted - 12 October 2004 13:34  Show Profile
hey,</P><P>i think that you should definitely try to find a college that will really appreciate you, and increase your passion and interest in the course you want to study. it definitely seems like you want to improve your education, but you have to do something about it. i dont know much about nigeria, but try looking out for scholarship programs that will be able to send you abroad and broaden your education.</P><P>good luck!!

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