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navymom2012Posted - 28 July 2012 15:53  Show Profile
I scored 55.86 on a practice asvab so does that mean i would pass or fail the real deal?
chief1008 Posted - 8 August 2012 15:28  Show Profile
You would pass. I was speaking with a Navy recruiter today and he said you have to get a 30 or 35 to pass.
navynerd7 Posted - 11 August 2012 2:8  Show Profile
It's a great score for a practice test. For the real deal test it would be an okay score. You don't want to score anything lower than 60. The score you get will stay with you throughout your military career. It's better that you get to studying and score higher. The higher the score the more open door jobs will be opened for you.

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