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Stewart31Posted - 10 July 2012 10:37  Show Profile
I'm a female very interested in joining the army. I've scored a 47 on the practice exam but when I went to take the actual asvab I scored a 25, so I've studied and studied hard with the asvab books & on military.com & took the test again and scored a 26, one point higher which is still failing. Now I have another 30 days to retake and idk what I'm doing wrong on the test that I failed again, when all I have been doing was studying. So any advice would be appreciated to help me prepare this third time taking it. I would hate to wait 6 months if I fail again. All negative comments you can save it.

My raw scores on the 4 important parts that led me to the afqt of 26 were AR(51) WK(36) PC(41) MK(51)

BlackHawk88 Posted - 12 July 2012 13:6  Show Profile
I am looking for a study partner email me at cortes1988@aim.com or better yet, if you have skype that will be much better my skype username is Cortes0788. We are going into the same branch so we can help each other out if you want.

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