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toccarrayPosted - 5 July 2012 13:8  Show Profile
I only have two weeks to study for my GED test. Is this test anything like the real GED test? And, how many questions can you miss on the test?
imjustaguy Posted - 6 July 2012 1:16  Show Profile
No idea but tell ya what, ill let ya'll know on saturday after i take it. unlike you i only had 2 days practice, and if its anything like on this site, it seems like general knowledge and logical thinking / common sense so i think i should pass it.</P><P>and my primary concern wasn't even the studying. That's easy.. i'll do it right now before bed. No.. its that i haven't had time to quit vaping my meds. but its all the same.. coffee will do the trick that morning. And ill show the world that if a stoner can ace the GED, so can you! &lt;3
col723 Posted - 5 August 2012 19:39  Show Profile
I can tell you it isnt like the real test questions, study your ged book and test yourself to me thats the best practice..

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