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LaDashaPosted - 4 July 2012 18:26  Show Profile
I real want to take my test online
imjustaguy Posted - 6 July 2012 0:39  Show Profile
I dunno... maybe because you could cheat??
LaDasha Posted - 6 July 2012 21:34  Show Profile
no whats ur name
LaDasha Posted - 6 July 2012 21:44  Show Profile
well i hope the real test is like the practice test please i really want to pass my test for the first time i,m going to study really hard and do my best on the test
LaDasha Posted - 6 July 2012 21:57  Show Profile
this website is really help well i,m just practice the GED test and that really help me alot to study and get ready for the test so thank you!!:)
col723 Posted - 5 August 2012 19:20  Show Profile
not everybody passes the first time out but if ur confident enough you just might pass, so go in with a positive mind and do your best like the lotto motto saids "you never know" !!!
Tmallety Posted - 6 August 2012 8:56  Show Profile

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