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BlackHawk88Posted - 3 July 2012 13:36  Show Profile
I have been studying the for a while now. I am trying to enlist in the Army but when I get to the recruiting office, I get between a 20-25 and I need a 31 to get in. I was wondering if any of you would like to be my study partner ? I have Skype and AIM so we can contact that way. If your interested please let me know! I would really appreciate it alot. My email is cortes1988@aim.com Thank You!
leeta09 Posted - 5 July 2012 13:32  Show Profile
hi im looking to get in the same branch and i get around a 20 to 25 also so we are in the same thing and i been looking for a study buddy also i been trying for a while too so if u are interested u can email me at leeta09@yahoo.com
MrArias Posted - 5 July 2012 16:37  Show Profile
Hi, My name is Miguel Arias, currently been studying for about a week. Anybody that needs help on the ASVAB, I can gladly help and send you resources to improve on your ASVAB score. If interested, contact- Miguel_rockstar@live.com

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