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Keegan024Posted - 29 June 2012 17:43  Show Profile
Okay, I have several questions I need answered asap.

Okay, so let me start off by saying I obtained my GED this month. I joined Job Corps because I got expelled from high school when I was on my way to graduate with honors. I only choose GED over High School Diploma, because they claimed it was equal to a Diploma, and was faster. (Wanted to be full time trade, so I can hurry and get my Comp TIA A+ Certification, if I took highschool diploma classes it would've took me 4-6 months to get the credits I needed.

Anyways, my teachers claimed it's just as good as a diploma, Also they told all of us enrolled in GED that only 60% of all High School graduates could pass the G.E.D tests.

So I took the G.E.D classes they offer, I tested out on the pretest (Test out means I don't need the other G.E.D preparation classes and could be a full time trade student. So of course I choose to go to my trade instead of remaining in G.E.D classes, and I passed my G.E.D tests the first try with flying colors.

So we're they right in making the G.E.D seem equivalent to a High School diploma, or will I be frowned upon by having it other than my Diploma.

Another question, when I am writing my resume or filling out job applications can I simply say I got my High School Diploma since my G.E.D does say "High School Diploma" on it? Or would they find out I have a G.E.D. If they won't see I have my G.E.D and it does pass as a Diploma I much rather list it as a diploma if I could.

My situation in high school was bad, I really wanted to get my diploma. I was on my way to graduate with honors when I made the stupid mistake of getting in one fight. My Eye was bleeding, so instead of going inside school I left with a friend to go get my eye checked out, and before I made it home my parents got called and was told I was "Expelled"

I tried talking to the school for a few weeks to get back into school, and the New Principle said I was expelled. I contacted the head person on the school board, and explained and he contacted the Principle and I received a phone call from the Principle saying that if my parents come up and have a meeting I could come back. But my mother refused to go because I was 18 and cause she said it wasn't her problem. I tried to explain I was a adult and would come talk, that I shouldn't need my mother and they refused to let me come back.. I live in the country with no reliable transportation so going to another school wasn't an option. So I got screwed out of my diploma but it still was partially my fault.

Thanks if you answer my questions

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