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rosawhitPosted - 3 June 2012 21:50  Show Profile
ok to start off i have multiple questions

Q1: what is your source of studying?(classroom, book, internet etc...)

Q2: ok so the only reason i'm getting my GED is because most colleges won't accept the homeschool ciriculum i use sooooo i figured it'd be the smarter idea to not waste 1,000 more dollars on school then have to take a GED corse anyways. so in stead i'm just going to take my GED :). I'm going to HSU fall of 2013.
so what the most effecient source of studying do you recremend?

Q3: is it hard to pass?

Q4: how long does it take to prepare for the GED? if your studying on your own?

Q5: since i'm only 17 do i have to wait til i'm 18 to take the test if i'm studying on my own in the state of texas?

if i have anymore questions i'll post them :) that's all for now! thank you for your time!

VegasGiRL Posted - 7 June 2012 14:28  Show Profile
1.)-2.) I would recommend to hit the books, and study by taking practice tests online.<BR>3.) No it's not, the only part of the test that requires you know something is Math, the other four parts of the test are pretty easy, all you do is read a short passage, paragraph, document, ect. &amp; you can find the answer right in the passage. The L.A. Writting however, you will have to write a essay, so as long as you know to write a essay &amp; how a essay is structured, for example: a paragraph consists of a topic sentence &amp; 3-4 supporting detail sentences supporting the topic sentence, that will help you with the essay as well as answering the test questions on the writing portion. Also take note that the GED Test is only concerned with commas.<BR>4.) For me personally since Im a mom, I studied at home with a few books, &amp; the internet &amp; It took me a couple of months, I recommend that you take plenty of time you need to study &amp; prepare for the test, then try the practice test at your local GED Test taking center just to see where your at, if your prepared or need to study more. You dont want to keep paying to take the GED test, because you can only take it 3 times in a year.<BR>_- Go to your library or online on Barnes &amp; Noble to get studing books they are very affordable. &quot; Spark Notes The Step-by-Step Guide to the GED&quot; Is one of the best books to get, it covers everything from A-Z on every subject to pass the test. Also I would say to get another book to help you if your know your not good in a certain subject, like for me It was Math so I got &quot; McGraws-Hills Top 50 Math Skills for GED Success&quot; &amp; It helped me out very much. I got both those books from Barnes &amp; Noble for about $20.<BR>5.) Since your 17 Im pretty sure you will have to a parent or guardian to sign for you, look into that for sure.<BR>Hope this helped you out Good Luck!
jspen79 Posted - 8 June 2012 13:43  Show Profile
Could you please let me know the score one would be required to have in order to obtain my GED.</P><P>Do you have any suggestions where I can find a tutor to assist me with learning. I am on a limited income at this time although have the desire to continue my education.
VegasGiRL Posted - 14 June 2012 16:20  Show Profile
You have to have at least 2250 points total to pass, with no lower that 410 on each subject. Keep in mind that even if you get exactly 410 on each test that wont be enough to pass because ( 410 x 5 = 2050) Go down to your local GED test taking center take a practice test first to see where your at, what you need to work on and to just see what the test will be like then sign up for the free classes.
LaDasha Posted - 4 July 2012 16:37  Show Profile
Hey I like yall tips that really give others to study harder and I,m LaDasha
LaDasha Posted - 6 July 2012 21:52  Show Profile
hey, i,m yal need to stop talking nasty on the internet and do some study, have respect for others and for yourself and stop giving in to this world!!! yall need to stop posting things that yall have no business post just think before yall do!!!

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