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AshShayneSydPosted - 28 May 2012 22:53  Show Profile
I'm very nervous!
I'm horrible in math, I did the pretest at the college awhile back and passed all but the math and was only a little under in the math.

Any advice?
Also, how long until you got your scores back?

Thank you!

VegasGiRL Posted - 30 May 2012 15:23  Show Profile
The number one thing is to be confident, the only part that requires you to know something is basicly math. All the other subjects are pretty easy, you just read a short passage, poem or article & get your answer from there. So I would definately brush up on the math, like real word situations, pecentages and figuring out pay at jobs stuff like that, because I remember there was alot of those questions on my math test when I did mine last month. When your done you can check online for your scores, like the website for nevada is gedwizzard.com & they'll be on there within 2-3 days. The L.A. Writting test will take longer about a week for them to send out your essay & grade it with your whole test. Make sure you can write a good essay mainly focus on the structure, or else you will fail that whole portion of the writting test. Good Luck!
AshShayneSyd Posted - 30 May 2012 15:27  Show Profile
Thanks.<BR>I took Reading, SS, Science yesterday and failed Science by just a couple points, ugh! <BR>Today I took Math and Writing, i'll find out tonight if I passed the Math and then will have to wait for the writing. <BR>Like three more hours until I can find out seems like it's FOREVER away.

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