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BadBoySmoke23Posted - 19 April 2012 9:0  Show Profile
i have 1 more part of the test to tke the writting part i have already taken it 2 times and i have failed thats has took my courage away to tke it again but i need some 1 to study with me who is good at writng
imickle831 Posted - 30 April 2012 9:1  Show Profile
srry 2 hear that ive takig my test 1 n missed getting it by 90pts buckely dwn pract on here n ever book u read write about it then have someble to grade it. u can do it...may not be able to help but i can pass of some wrds of encouragement. good luck on ur test i retake mind may 11.
ericafernandez95 Posted - 2 May 2012 11:37  Show Profile
writing has always been easy for me. i am currently in hs but am studing for the g.e.d because i know i will be kick out soon. Im constantly butting heads with my teachers..they dont treat the students right at my school. but anyways if you need any help with writing like tips or anything like that just let me know. you can email me: ericafernandez95@yahoo.com

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