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Tida15Posted - 16 April 2012 21:10  Show Profile
Hi my name is Tida. I 'm looking for someone to help me study for my ASVERB next week and I want to pass it. please I need help. my number is 907-231-9029, and email is Touraytida@yahoo.com. Thanks
Airforceporscha94 Posted - 20 April 2012 12:41  Show Profile
Hay i understan mabe we can help each other becasue im still talking the practice tests i got a 41.44 on the practice test so i need help too,
codyspence Posted - 8 January 2013 15:30  Show Profile
hi could u send me the asvab study guide book i really need help studying thank you
Kynuada Posted - 16 January 2013 20:21  Show Profile
Hey I need help too i made a 35 on the practice and i have to have a 50. Help me please o yea i need it in math

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