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NicMorPosted - 25 August 2011 18:42  Show Profile
They said i need to score 50 in-order to pass sadly i score 47. What are the passing score for all 4 branches of Military..

please Email how did you study


Mangiacapra Posted - 28 August 2011 21:15  Show Profile
Study more, go get a ASVAB Test-Prep book from a store or something. Half of it is actual formulation and the rest is common sense and experience. Like maybe you haven't worked on a car ever, or your math is rusty. Maybe you don't read a lot or use a lot of words so your vocabulary isn't very broad. If your common sense is decent, you can almost eliminate 2 of the answers form every question just using process of elimination.
marquisehollis Posted - 14 January 2016 9:8  Show Profile
lol I'll take your 47 then
Aprince Posted - 19 January 2016 1:54  Show Profile
So how do I look if I got a 57?
lordX8bit Posted - 24 January 2016 23:56  Show Profile
ok so im a junior in high school and i scored a 65 on the practice asvab is that a good thing or what...? please help<BR>
Future_usmc98 Posted - 26 January 2016 7:18  Show Profile
Well NicMor When I first went in with the Army Reserve I scored a 39 an was still able to enlist. It depends on what job you want to do. Different jobs have a required minimum score. You are fine with a 46 to get in. But if you want a better job then I suggest study as much as possible and rock out at leats 5 ASVAB practice tests before you go to MEPS or another testing location to take the ASVAB
Future_usmc98 Posted - 26 January 2016 7:23  Show Profile
lordX8bit That is a good practice exam grade. Generally you score about 10 points higher on the actual test than you do on practice exams
franciscovalle Posted - 4 March 2016 0:16  Show Profile
I got an 82% on the full quiz (135 Questions) is that any good? I'm applying for the marines..

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