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jamcanfi74Posted - 12 August 2011 11:36  Show Profile
I went and got a 20 yesterday, first try, and I need a 35. My weakness is math as I see most on here are having trouble with. I heard pass key to asvab was good so I went and ordered it. I'm waiting on it now, It should take 5-10 days to get in the store. Does anyone have any suggestions for me in the mean time?
Mangiacapra Posted - 28 August 2011 21:21  Show Profile
A lot of people are posting these low scores, did you actually go to the recruiter? If it's here, still you could keep taking it and get more accustomed the the answers and use your common sense to teach yourself. Or just go get a ASVAB Test-Prep booklet from a store to brush up on your math and stuff. You should know Geometry, Factoring, Simultaneous Equations, General Algebra, Fractions.</P><P>If you actually took the ASVAB and scored that low, maybe you should graduate high school or get a GED because you must've not went to school.</P><P>If you took a little 30 minute test at the Recruiter's Office and that's what you scored, that would be the AQFT, where as the score you got was a percentile as in you scored higher than x amount of people who have taken it. The AQFT ranges from 35-65 to be eligible to enlist depending on Branch of Service. Scoring low on that isn't very good either. Put some time into studying and brushing up on everything. Aim for a job not just to get in, you have to want to be there bad enough, make sure you figure out what you need to score to get a certain job. And apply yourself in that area as a strength, and you can be good overall than completely blow one part away and suck the rest.

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