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jurd22Posted - 17 May 2011 2:28  Show Profile
i recently applied for the army.they told me i could go to kansas city, mo. to take my G.E.D. but they didnt tell me you also need 15 hours of college if u dont have a high school diploma!!!! i wanna join so bad i can taste it! but the asvab/ged/college r in my way, and i really dont have time to do all this bs, cuz they didnt send me to any class or help me get my G.E.D. or anything so i guess they dont want me to join!!
tonyubrown Posted - 9 August 2011 17:36  Show Profile
you dont need college credits with a ged if you score 50 or more on the asvab test. im going thru the same thing now i got a 49 on the test imma take it one more time but in the mean time im applying to college
rabittz99 Posted - 16 August 2011 8:55  Show Profile
I am going throw the same thing i am taking the asvab soon but just in case i dont get the 50 need i am applying for a collage
ladywilliams21 Posted - 22 August 2011 20:13  Show Profile
I need help in math

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