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jurd22Posted - 17 May 2011 1:24  Show Profile
hey my name is jarred. im 22 and apparently im a retard lol everyone told me stay in school, work hard, and youll do great. but wat did i do? i dropped out to party in californa(which was amistake) i dropped out of school for reasons i cant explain now,.i now wish i would of stayed in school cuz, the only job i can get is washing dishs, (which i currently do). i have 2 beautiful daughters and would like to give them everything there heart desires, but i took the pre-test and got a 60 percent!!! i think my hardest subjects will be,all advanced math,and writing. but im sure more help is needed. if u would be intrested in helping me prepare and learn that would be great, but could not pay. sorry. if interested hit me up and ill give u my email/phone number.ALL HELP WOULD BE APPRICIATED

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