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KVanPeltPosted - 26 January 2004 15:10  Show Profile
Hey I am wondering if anyone knows the scores needed to pass the GED?
Mia71343 Posted - 31 October 2005 17:27  Show Profile
you need a 410 in each subject and 450 over all to pass
lildevil862007 Posted - 1 November 2005 13:7  Show Profile
hi my name is kayla and i have some examples of the scores that you need to get to pass the ged and scores you dont need that are failing.<BR>Example 1<BR>Writing- 440<BR>Social Studies- 420<BR>Science- 450<BR>Reading- 430<BR>Math- 410<BR>Total= 2150<BR>Results- Not Passing<BR>This person had at least 410 on each test but did not had a total of 2250 points.</P><P>Example 2<BR>Writing- 460<BR>Social Studies- 430<BR>Science- 520<BR>Reading- 470<BR>Math- 440<BR>Total= 2320<BR>Results- Passing<BR>This person had at least 410 on each test and a total of over 2250 points</P><P>Example 3<BR>Writing- 500<BR>Social Studies- 620<BR>Science- 520<BR>Reading- 480<BR>Math- 400<BR>Total=2420<BR>Results- Not passing<BR>This person had the required 2250 total points, but did not have a mininum of 410 on each test.<BR>well i thought that this might help you a little if i gave some examples of what passing and not passing is

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