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remara1Posted - 10 February 2011 22:53  Show Profile
why on earth is this test sooo freaking hard geesssh...
Traceyb Posted - 16 February 2011 19:13  Show Profile
same way i feel so wat part of da military u goin 2
remara1 Posted - 16 February 2011 19:20  Show Profile
I was thinking about the Air Force cause it's easier but you have to score higher to get in sooo If I score in the Army range I'll just go to the Army, what about you??
Traceyb Posted - 16 February 2011 19:26  Show Profile
the airforce to cause basically da same reason u but 2 better mi self but da army sounds gud 2 so um wat field u plan on gettin in 2 work<BR>
Traceyb Posted - 16 February 2011 19:32  Show Profile
so what you made on da asvab
remara1 Posted - 16 February 2011 20:28  Show Profile
ummm...I don't know what job I want yet I've been taking this exam an now it's actually easy to me I know just about all the answer I got all the Word Knowledge one's right I took the whole test eariler an got an 71.17% I haven't took the real one yet...have you took the real ASVAB?? I'm not trying to be rude or anything just wondering but are you a Boy or Girl??
grayerashley47 Posted - 18 February 2011 10:13  Show Profile
i really need help passing the asvab. i want this really bad. ive took it the first time and thought i passed. i did horrible. i just really need help.
remara1 Posted - 18 February 2011 17:45  Show Profile
which brach do you wanna join??
Traceyb Posted - 24 February 2011 13:38  Show Profile
it cool im boy n i made a71.40 on da practice
grayerashley47 Posted - 24 March 2011 9:44  Show Profile
i want to join the airforce but if not the marines. the passing score used to be like a 31-37 but now they want like a 50 and above. its just crazy
grayerashley47 Posted - 24 March 2011 9:49  Show Profile
i c that you said you made like an 71 on the practice. wat did you do?
Traceyb Posted - 5 April 2011 17:38  Show Profile
i took the practice test on here this website and made that y would u wanna go to the marines..
grayerashley47 Posted - 11 April 2011 10:3  Show Profile
oh ok. the marines is just a second choice. i like their benefits. but i think im going to just hang with the airforce. did you take the real test already?
Traceyb Posted - 7 May 2011 21:8  Show Profile
no not yet cuz da recuiter had made me take da practice 1 up dere 2 cee if im ready r not lyke all i need was 5 moe point 4 da navy but i wanna get a 50 r close 2 it<BR>
grayerashley47 Posted - 10 May 2011 9:54  Show Profile
oh ok. i take mines in 2 weeks and i dont think im ready. how much times have you been taking this practice test over to get a 71?
topdawgmarine Posted - 7 March 2012 9:22  Show Profile
im going to the marines this summer going to afghanistan this could be fun
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