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godianaPosted - 3 February 2011 21:41  Show Profile
i took The asvab the last week, my score was 47, i didnt read about mechanic, auto part or electronic , now i am studying again i will take it the next month, i need at least 50 on my score because i really want to join air force.Can somebody tell me something about air force, because i received callings about navy and army , with my score i can get in but i want to do my last try with air force
Malika18 Posted - 20 February 2011 15:48  Show Profile
I scored my a 49 my first time and the army and navy have been calling me but i tell them i'm not interested! Air force is where i want to go. You have make 50 afqt score to get in thogh so hopefully i will and u will also
PersistentC Posted - 21 February 2011 14:40  Show Profile
Where do you guys live? <BR>Study all these exams &amp; on other websites..I know someone who scored a 94 and he has a GED..all by taking these exams and also the ones on the books.
NY716 Posted - 23 February 2011 0:27  Show Profile
I scored a 41 the 1st time but since I have my GED I need a 50 to pass.. did the test a month later scored a 49.. gotta take it again 2mrw. I dont wanna give up on the AF but if I fail this time may try for the Army...Took practice test and got 54 still to close to a 50 ANY SUGGESTIONS
grayerashley47 Posted - 24 March 2011 9:53  Show Profile
i scored a 43. can any of yall give me some websites to go on. im an AF fan too. and i need a 50 also. so cn i get any help please?!? :-)
Tida15 Posted - 16 April 2012 21:2  Show Profile
Can someone please help me with my ASVERB, I'm about to go and take my ASVERB next week, I need help

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